Almond blossom trees
Riverland Almonds is supplied by a small group of large commercial growers with modern orchards which are planted using sophisticated growing techniques. Although Riverland Almonds sorts and packs its product to standards identical to California, it is pleased to also look at customizing client’s requirements of sorting standards and packaging, etc.
Almonds are harvested between late February and May, with the factory operations building up once harvest is under way. The Company’s two most sought after export varieties are Nonpareil (usually larger sizes) and Peerless inshell. The latter can be comfortably shipped after April harvest, for arrival in plenty of time for the seasonal pre Christmas markets. Pricing follows the Californian market. Packing is usually in 12.5 kg or 50 pound cartons. Riverland Almonds carton
Nonpareil almonds
Carmel almonds
Mission/Fritz almonds