The Riverland Almonds growers and the processing plant are fully accredited to the internationally recognized SQF 2000 standard. They use integrated pest management systems to grow the almonds without using insecticides which is a perfect example of “working in harmony with nature”. The growers diligently research disease control and support the application of advanced horticultural techniques.

Entomologists are employed to monitor and manage the ideal ecosystem to produce the finest almonds with no pesticide residues. Mindful that the use of insecticides is disruptive to biological control, entomologists use procedures to encourage beneficial birds and insects into the orchards. Harmful pests and insects are also biologically controlled by the introduction of predatory mites. These mites live in perfectly created habitats in the lush cover crops of rye and special clover varieties planted between rows of trees. These cover crops prevent wind erosion, add essential nitrogen to the soil, help filtration of water and provide a safe haven for beneficial predatory mites. The fruits of their effort are regularly tested to prove that there are no pesticide residues.